A special trip

A week ago one of our families made a special, long trip to meet their puppy. They are adopting Charlie (green ribbon boy) from Allie’s litter.

They had picked him out during our puppy matching time and had already fallen in love. But there was one thing they wanted to make sure of. Charlie’s new dad has allergies to dog hair and he had to make sure before Charlie came home that he wouldn’t have a reaction.

So they drove from far away, camped out one night and arrived here last Sunday. And they brought toys for Charlie. Can you guess where they’re from?  😉


We spent about an hour visiting while he held Charlie, snuggled him to his face, and loved on him. Charlie’s dad had to share with mom too, so they both took turns cuddling Charlie.

After the visit, it was determined that Charlie was good to come home permanently in a few weeks!


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  1. Kyla S says:

    Another Canadian cavapoo!

  2. Larry Johnson says:


  3. Larry Johnson says:

    Alberta Canada

  4. Larry Johnson says:

    Alberta Canada

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