Hang on!

Just  when you think that roller coaster is sliding to a stop, it starts climbing up one of those tall, twisty-turny, loop-de-loops!

Yes, we have successfully matched all twenty-one spring puppies and talked with a lot of people. :O Thank you to everyone that has agreed to give one our puppies an awesome, forever home!

But it’s not time to relax just yet!

I will soon be updating and revamping our waiting list as soon as I have time.

Rosie’s pups have their vet check up this week and then they start heading home on Sunday. So this week I’ll be getting them and their puppy packets ready to go.


And we’re also in the process of putting our hay up for the year. And that’s something that can’t wait. As they say, you have to “make hay while the sun shines”.


The following week I will be taking Allie, Jules’ and Treasure’s puppies in for check-ups; in one day. (My vet reserved the whole afternoon for us!) Then that Sunday, Allie and Jules’ puppies will be heading out. And the following Sunday will be Treasure’s!

We have one “official” puppy entered into our Progressive Puppy Program, Cindy from Rosie’s litter. She will be staying until August, so stay tuned for blogs about her training after everyone else heads home. We have several pups that will be staying an extra week or two also, since their families had plans already for our delivery days. So several people will be coming here for a visit and to pick up their puppy.

And to make things a bit crazy, we have two slightly round girls around here that should be delivering our summer litters towards the end of June and first of July! (About the same time a bunch of puppies are leaving)…oh my! :O


Buckle up buttercup! The ride ain’t over yet!


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  1. Eleda/adele says:

    Your rides are WAY better than any theme park!🎡!

  2. Dee says:

    Aww, look at Reba soaking up some vitamin D. 🌞

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