Better than sliced bread

Most of you know, if you’ve followed my blog long enough that I’m not a girly-girl. I don’t get my nails down, I don’t necessarily enjoy shopping for clothes, shoes or purses. I’d much rather buy a new saddle blanket for my horse or load up on dog toys. 😉

So I was very excited today when the Fed-Ex guy pulled up with the new exercise pens I’d ordered a few days ago. I bought my first exercise pen in the 80’s when I started showing dogs. Then added a second one a few years back. But after having these four litters together, I realized it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple more. (I actually ended up doubling that order!) They are so handy, either inside the house or out in the yard. I’ve used them on camping trips before or day trips to the river or park.

So now all four litters can go outside and enjoy the back yard at the same time!


070One pen for Rosie’s pups..

071One for Treasure’s..

072And the last one for Allie and Jules’ puppies! (They actually have two pens each, put together).

They are having a blast running around! And I served them dinner al fresco tonight.

067And gave them their very own body guard to watch over them while I get their puppy pens ready for bedtime.

078That’s one hundred pounds of muscle, with a deep intimidating bark, who’s not afraid of bears, coyotes and barks at ravens flying overhead. They’re safe 😉


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