So backtracking to Thursday…

After my husband passed the puppies on to me (since Reba was staying at the hospital), I headed on to our regular vet for the puppies’ appointment.

Before we went in, I let the pups loose in the bed of my truck for a quick potty break.

016Good boy, Peter!

Then we got into an exam room to wait for the doctor.

023Dr Jessie came in and starting her head to toe exam of each pup.

037That face <3

And remember in my previous “Reba” post about it being providential that I didn’t get ahold of my regular vet that night?

Well, when she came to start exams, I told her about my episode with Reba and having to take her to another clinic just after midnight. She went on to tell me that she had been on call and the phone rang around midnight, but nobody was on the line. When I called, I had gotten a message, (and maybe in my befuddled stage) thought it said they weren’t able to take any emergencies at that time. So I had called the other clinic.

She asked what they had done with Reba and when I mentioned the other doctor had scoped her. Dr Jessie said, “Oh, they have a scope? Because we don’t and I would’ve had to refer you somewhere else.” Tell me that wan’t providential that I couldn’t get through to her on that phone call, and ended up at the right clinic that had the proper equipment?




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  1. Dee says:

    Yes. That’s why I believe things happen for a reason. Though sometimes hard to accept/explain just know it’s all part of Gods plan. Amen.

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