The first three

The first two of Rosie’s litter went home yesterday. The other four  stayed home. The new owners will be coming here since they already had previously scheduled events and couldn’t meet me in Spokane on Sunday.

By the way, I just want to thank everyone for their cooperation, commitment and flexibility in this puppy delivery/pick-up process!

Bobby was our first little guy to head home and that went fine.


Unfortunately, Jan’s mom had her flight get canceled. But she worked hard to find another flight and arrived a bit later in the day. So since I had a bit of spare time between appointments, I headed over to see my son and his girlfriend at her house.

And Jan got to meet Rousey the Boxer 😉

153Finally in her mom’s arms!

I keep telling you guys I don’t need gifts! But I have to admit that I love each and every gesture and little surprise I end up with; even the hand written notes I get from the kiddos. Living most of my life in a houseful of men means the gifts don’t show up often, (😜) so it makes these a fun surprise. (Please don’t think this is a hint for future gifts! Just a response from a thankful heart.)

So Jan’s mom brought me a sweet card and this beautiful, unique scarf! Isn’t it awesome?!

Check out the pattern!


Then this morning our third family arrived here to pick up Greg. I think they were pretty exited to meet their puppy and Greg was pretty excited too. Oh, Greg’s new name is Pez (like the candy).


As they were getting ready to leave, mom handed my the balance for Greg and said, “oh, the bag is for you too”.

006Okay, so now I have the most adorable deposit bag! Thanks guys!

So now we have three down and only eighteen more puppies to go!😮


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