I did it again.

Yep, on one of my last trips to Spokane I visited my favorite second hand store! And look what I came home with.

087I love the infant toys for my “infant” puppies. Obviously an older puppy would destroy some of these so they will be saved for the littles. Infant toys introduce different textures, noises, and moving parts to the pups.

088Then there’s this little cutie. No, I’m not taking puppies for rides, but I do hope to use it for pictures.


I think this game is actually used with bean bags or something to knock the X’s and O’s over (they flip around). I know Cavapoos are smart, but we’re not actually going to be teaching them this game. 😉 We’ll just let them play with it and get the parts moving. I’m thinking I might even put some cheese on the underside to see if they will flip them over to find it. Of course, this will be a “supervision only” toy since paws might get in parts.

Another fun day at my favorite store!

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