Samuel, Ruby & Pearl

Last week the three older pups headed to the vet for their check-ups. It was a bit different this time, since there were different circumstances. The vet clinic had some dogs with infectious diseases there. I couldn’t reschedule because these three were starting to go home that weekend. The vet and tech that were caring for the sick dogs would not be seeing my pups, so I would be meeting the new vet for the first time.

I know the clinic takes every precaution to clean and disinfect, but I’m just a bit paranoid when it comes to my pups. I didn’t even want to go inside. So I asked if the vet would please come out to my truck to see my babies. And she agreed. (I only went in later to pay my bill, then disinfected my shoes before I got back in my truck. )

Another reason why I like to vaccinate my puppies before they go to the vet!

First  they had a potty break in the back of my truck. (I love having this “built in” exercise area for them where ever we go.)

028I brought a rug for the tailgate so the doctor would have a “table” to exam the pups on and as usual had my puppy forms filled out, ready for her to add her notes to.

029“We’re trying to wait patiently, mom”.

The doctor arrived and started her exams. Each puppy got looked over, temperature taken, heart, joints, etc checked and then micro-chipped.

It’s kind of hard to see Samuel in the shade. 😉

Ruby’s turn.

034“Why can’t we get out and run around?”

Cheese is a good distraction when you’re getting a micro-chip inserted.

038All done! All “normal” and they all did super!

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  1. Kailan says:

    They are really cute and healthy too!
    – Kailan

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