Puppy matching contacts

Well, it’s that time again; time to start puppy matching. Or at least I’m starting to contact those on the wait list about our current Cavapoo puppies!

For those of you towards the top of the list, if you have told me that you “ONLY” want a red/apricot colored pup, but are now open to other colors (like the partis in Flower’s litter), please contact me and let me know that, ASAP.

Otherwise, if I have a note that you are only interested in apricot/red (and my one is matched up), I will SKIP over your name as I go down the list to match the Flower pups.


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2 Responses to Puppy matching contacts

  1. Jennifer McCarty says:

    Hi – I am looking for a male cavapoo pup and I am located in WA. How do I get on your wait list and how long is the wait? Do you have pictures posted? Thank you.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      If you just go on the website and look under the Puppy Info heading there is a page that will walk you through the process.
      The wait time depends on what color you are looking for. Right now the list is long so you’re probably looking at a 6-12 month wait (just a guess).
      There are pictures of our adults on the website, along with past Cavapoos and our current pups each have an album.
      Thanks so much,

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