New to the waitlist?

Hi everyone!

Wow, my regular mailbox and email “box” have been busy since we opened up the list again.

I just wanted to check in with everyone. If you have recently filled out an application, sent your application fee and received confirmation from me, then you are officially on the list!

You may be wondering “where is the list”? The list is always posted on our website. It actually has it’s own page so it’s easy to find. If you go to the Cavapoo heading at the top of the website and hover your cursor over it, a drop-down menu will open up. The first listing says, “Cavapoo Availability”. If you hover over that then the waitlist will pop out to the right side. Click on the list and it will take you to the page.

We’ve had so many new applicants join in the past ten days, that I’m still in the process of printing apps, making notes and updating the list. So it might be a few days before the list is updated with our new adopters and the new names appear. Each time the list is updated I will date the bottom so everyone can see when the latest update happened.

After our first litter/s is/are born and matched, the waiting list will get a major overhaul and updated again as the people that were matched with puppies will be removed from the list.

You may be wondering what to do in the meantime while you wait for your new furry family member. Well, here’s a page that should answer that question (in case you haven’t seen it).

Thank you for putting your confidence in us and joining us on the incredible journey!

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