Only 24 hours

I headed into town last week to help a friend. She’s a LuLaRoe consultant trying to build her business and needed some help photographing some cute outfits. (If anyone is interested she is “Plum Crazy with LuLaRoe” on Facebook. If you’re into LLR, do me a favor and “like” and follow her page! ). She actually lives another 15-20 minutes passed the town, so over an hour’s drive from me.

I knew we would get busy visiting and having fun and it would be a late drive home for me, so I suggested we make it a “girl’s night out” (aka pizza/movie night with me crashing at her house). Of course, she agreed.  Now, to convince my husband to do my evening and morning chores for me. 😉

I tried to simplify the chores for him and he was fine with me having a girls’ night out. So off I went. Yipee!

We got some “work” done (laughing through it of course), ate some yummy food and spent the evening watching Animals Cribs. Have you guys seen that show? It’s amazing. We don’t have tv out our house, so it was quite a treat to watch all these fun animal shows. And my friend has three dogs, three cats, one bird, and five horses (see why she’s my friend) so I wasn’t lonesome for furry creatures while I was away from home.


I was only away for 24 hours, but you should’ve seen the welcome I got from my crew when I got back home. They acted like I’d been gone for days! Aren’t pets the greatest thing ever?! <3

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