Puppy Enrichment

According to the dictionary definition, “enrichment” is “the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something.”

So in my mind when we combine that with “puppy” what we’re looking at is improving or enhancing a puppy’s life during the developmental stage. Introducing it to many sights, sounds, feels, encouraging and rewarding it for exploring and learning and basically trying to mold that puppy into a well rounded, confident little partner.

Which brings me to these things and another shopping trip. (Shhhh…don’t tell my husband).  😉

Grocery Outlet just opened in our little town. I love that store and would usually always stop there when I would make a trip to Spokane (previously, our closest one). I stopped in at our local store a week or so ago. It’s always fun to see what they have in stock because each visit might be different as their product changes.

I’m always trying to keep my eye open for things I can use with the puppies and this trip did not disappoint me! I found some things with different textures and feels that would be perfect to use with the young pups.

625Plastic “grass”

626Mini bubbles

627A furry rug.

628A bumpy, hard plastic tray.

629A soft, foam alphabet set. (No, puppies will not be reading before they go home). 😉

630Put them all together and we’ve got a nice training area to explore.

631Now add some puppies. They weren’t too sure what was going on when I plopped them down there.


637638Starting to explore..

642Hey, you’re not supposed to eat the rug!

Puppy enrichment is always fun!


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  1. Buzz and Suzzan says:

    We are still very interested in your puppies and will be ready in the Spring. I do not know if it is appropriate to ask but we would be interested in a lighter color male with features more towards the poodle side….


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