Planning ahead

As a dog breeder, I always have to be looking to the future; researching, planning, etc. I kind of compare it to a farmer. My father-in-law used to farm grapes and almonds. Plants and trees have to “retire” at some point, so before that happens, the farmer must plant some new vines or trees ahead of time. Baby trees have to grow up and be mature before they will produce themselves. Well, animals are the same way. So if I’m going to keep raising dogs, before I retire a dog I need to plan ahead for someone else to be there. So there will always be some silly, youngsters growing up around here.

Ideally, I like to produce my own puppies to keep, but sometimes that doesn’t always work out. Or I might want to introduce some new genetics or a new color or something different into our program.

Which brings me to my surprise!


Sometime next month, this little cutie patootie will be joining us here!


She is an AKC registered red and white parti Poodle puppy. And I’m hoping she’ ll be a great asset to our home and breeding program someday.

Here are her pretty parents. (All pictures are from the breeder)

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4 Responses to Planning ahead

  1. ahuva hammer says:

    so happy for you, i cant imagine how you have time to do all your chores, take care of your family and research a new puppy too, i am impressed, keep it up and cant wait to see what she will bring you, her parents are real beauties.

  2. Dianne Murray says:

    Congratulations on your new addition and wishing you a productive spring!

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