Young adults

Our babies always get checked over by our awesome veterinarian whether they are going to new homes or staying on with us. Then when the “keepers” are adults they get checked over again.

Last week it was time for three of our youngsters to go see the doctor again for physicals.

355“Justice”357“Hazel”359“Tansy”361“What are they doing to my sister?”362“Mom, can we go home now?”352It had been two weeks since Reba’s tooth was extracted. She had an ear infection at that time so we brought her along too to get her ears rechecked.353And we got to meet his adorable little guy! No, it’s not a strange breed of dog. 😉 This was a baby goat that had gotten hit by a car. He was relinquished to the doctor who performed surgery on his broken leg/hip area.

Another interesting visit to the vet! All the kids (oops, forgot there was an actual goat kid in this post. I meant dog “kids” hehe ) checked out “normal”..yeah!

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