Baby girl

I had a pony once named Baby Girl. That wasn’t her actual “official” name. She had a nice, fancy name. But from the time she was born, my friend dubbed her “Baby Girl”. She was the cutest, little petite bay pony foal ever. Of course, she was our first foal. And she was just in-your-face friendly from the start. I loved that little horse. She never outgrew her name even after she became an adult. I sold her at a busy time in my life when I didn’t’ have room or time for horses as a young mom of busy, twin boys. Hindsight is great. I wish I’d made more effort to keep her as looking back she was such a special pony.

Seriously, when my friends moved from one house to the next (my pony was boarded with them because we lived in town), we moved her in the back of my husband’s truck!

He backed up to the bank (after taking the metal rack off his truck) and I just walked her on. He set the rack back over the top of her, bolted it down and off we went, with me sitting in the back with her. She was a peach. (I know, not the safest thing to do, but it worked).

Which brings me to this little darling. The next “Baby Girl” in my life. She never officially got named, because I wasn’t sure if she was staying permanently or not. And I’ve come to the conclusion that she is better suited to being someone’s pet. She is just so little. She is a sweetheart. ❤️ It pains me to place her because I just love the little tyke to bits! But I don’t think she’ll ever be big enough to be a Cavapoo mom (which was my purpose in producing this litter; to keep a daughter from Reba to continue her lineage).

So if you are interested in her (I would prefer she goes to a previous Pinewood adopter or someone already on my list) please shoot me an email (or fill out an adoption form if I don’t already have one from you). I will get back to you with the details about Baby Girl. (I will not respond to questions/posts under this blog post or under the post on my Facebook page; email only!) Thanks ❤️

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