What’s next

Now that our first Cavapoos of the year have made their appearance, you might all be wondering, “what’s next?”

Well, like a dorm full of college girls or a house full of women, my girls start…um, cycling together too. (Sorry fellows if that was TMI 😜) Yep, while the new babies were coming into the world and getting settled in, we’ve been busy with more matchmaking. 😀

It’s feast or famine in the dog raising world. We have no puppies or the girls come in season about the same and we have lots of puppies! Of course, the boys are happy (and some a bit frustrated). It’s a bit of a juggling act coordinating things especially if you want to match one male with more than one female. You have to be careful not to overuse said boy.

So hopefully if everything goes as planned (we’re not done with the “honeymoon” phase here), it will be a busy summer for sure! But with lovely Washington summer weather, there’s no better time to enjoy puppies! ❤️

Of course, it will be a few weeks before we can confirm pregnancies on the girls. And there are some first-time moms and first-time pairings (from experienced moms) so we don’t know exactly what colors we’ll get. But I’m thinking probably similar to the colors we have with our current litters.

Speaking of current litters; if you are in the top twenty on my wait list (we may get further down, but let’s start with that number) and haven’t reached out to me recently, I’d love to know if you’re leaning more towards a Lucy pup or a Rosie pup. Please be specific; I “only” want a red female, or I’d love a red puppy, but I would be interested in a Blenheim (Lucy’s boys’ color) or my first choice is a Blenheim boy. That way I know ahead of time what you want or if you’re open to colors/genders. I know I do have this information from some of you already, but in case you changed your mind, please let me know. Please email me on the current email thread that we’ve been using to correspond since I replied to your application. I like to keep all of our “conversations” in one place. Starting a new email will only confuse my already muddled brain.  😉

Unfortunately, we can not hold any puppies over from our current two litters for our Progressive Puppy Program because we will have new litters arriving about the time our current pups will be ready to leave to their forever homes. And (*drum roll!) we have a family wedding in July (our #2 son) and want to enjoy that, and the time with visiting family! (What’s a Progressive Puppy you might wonder? https://pinewoodcavapoos.com/cavapoos/progressive-pups/)

So please take the timeframe into consideration also before you email me your choices. Lucy’s puppies will be going home on Sunday, June 3 and Rosie’s the following Sunday which is June 10th. Make sure that you are available to pick up your puppy on one of those Sundays (depending on which litter your pup comes from. Lucy pups may be able to stay until the 10th if the 3rd doesn’t work for you. But Rosie pups will not be ready to go home early, on the 3rd.) Once puppies are matched and I know where everyone is coming from, I will figure out meeting times. We will be meeting at the Spokane International Airport; terminal (if you’re flying in) or in front of the Wingate Hotel (if you’re driving in).

Normally, I have a few people that can’t make the delivery day and choose to come here to pick-up their puppy. (There is an extra boarding fee for those staying over their “normal” time). But that won’t be an option this time either, because of the expectant moms. Since some of our moms will be first-timers, I can’t have visitors in and out picking up puppies. I need to keep the environment quiet, clean (no “new” germs) and “normal” for them. I’m sure you understand.

And one last thing; I’m sure some of you have been drawn to Lucy’s uniquely colored female. Well, bad news; so have I. Sorry. I have already started genetic/color testing on her to hopefully get more information about her makeup. She was born looking more slate blue, but know looks more chocolate with merle patches in her color spots. She most likely will be staying here to be the first producer of F1b Cavapoos. (We’ve been thinking about doing this for those that are needing a more “guaranteed” non-shedding dog. Although with any cross, there is never a guarantee for it to be “non-shedding”. ) The F1’s that we currently raise (first generation between a purebred Cavalier and a purebred Poodle, are considered low-to-non shedding. Although I know of one that is a shedder). The F1b is a Cavapoo bred to a Poodle, so it is three-fourths Poodle and one-fourth Cavalier. So it is much less likely to shed with more of the Poodle genes. It is considered to be 99% non-shedding and the most “hypoallergenic” of the different generational crosses.

Anyways, that wraps it up for now. Thank you for reading through this long post and joining us on this journey!

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7 Responses to What’s next

  1. Jarese says:

    What can we do if we’re interested in one of your fb1 litters? Thinking ahead 😁

    • Good question! If you’re not on our waiting list, you might think about getting on it and specify that’s what you want. But probably won’t need to right away, since this is a future possibility. Our girl would need to grow up first and complete her health/genetic testing so the F1b’s are still in the “future/planning/possibility stage. 🙂

      • Jarese says:

        I’d already assumed I was looking at over a year of waiting as it was, so it wouldn’t be that much longer, I’d think ☺️

  2. Dee says:

    Hi Jennifer, we have “Dale” the tri-color, sable from Lucy & Noah’s racecar kids. Dale, now 8 mos., is still tri-color but his sable is now more apricot. He’s just as precious as can be. Check your email, I sent you a pic. 😁

  3. GreenLily says:

    I’d LOVE to see a picture of the teeny-tiny one at 9:00 next the giant one at 12:00 in Rosie’s liter. Precious! Thanks for sharing.

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