I love this app!

You’ve heard me talk (or write) about a sound app I’ve been using on the puppies. So I thought I’d share a bit more. I first heard about this on a dog Facebook group that I’m in and quickly went to check it out.

Each picture and name depicts a certain sound. You just tap on the name and it plays the sound continuously until you tap it “off” again. The sounds are “real” sounds too, not computer generated or anything. My phone even vibrates when I turn on the clippers!

This is really nice for using to familiarize the puppies with these different noises. It’s especially helpful since we live so far from town and a lot of these things my pups would not normally hear out here (road/traffic, fireworks, etc)

I have a small Bluetooth speaker that I can set up in the puppy area, connect to my phone and choose which sound/s we want to work on. This is becoming an essential tool for puppy enrichment!


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2 Responses to I love this app!

  1. ahuva hammer says:

    I just love what you do with the puppies, our cavapoo we got before i bumped into your site, he is from the Amish country and is an awesome therapy dog which i trained myself, but he has an adversion to many sounds the Amish dont have around, like motors cars, phones music etc, but we love him anyway, My trainer said i have to wait till he is 5 years old to get another dog, so we wait, Meanwhile we watch all that you do and hopefully we too will be part of the Pinewood family. I really admire your quest to seek and learn more each day, thanks Jenn

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