A (sort of) typical day

So just for fun, I thought I’d share a day of my doggie life with you. Every day is somewhat the same, but also different of course because sometimes there are appointments, or I have to go to town or the adults need grooming, etc.

Yesterday my “day” started at night when Hope started barking at 1:30 am. She either needed to go potty or wanted a drink of water. Hope is very vocal to let you know when she “needs” something. I think because of her cleft palate she seems to need to drink more water (since all of it doesn’t go down her throat like it should). Anyways, I was up to let her out, and wait for her to come back in. Then back to bed.

I got up a bit later than usual because of my middle of the night interrupted sleep and started in on chores.

So my first duty of the day is to let everyone outside to potty. I start with the dogs, moms, and puppies that are in the house. The older Poodle pups go in a fenced off area in the backyard (so the German Shepherd doesn’t smash them; she’s a big puppy herself and too rough to interact with them. The moms go out with her though because they know how to tell her to “back off, youngster”. hehe

Then it’s off to the dog house to let the other dogs out. There are two yards, so one bunch goes out to the farthest one first, then the next batch goes in the one right outside the dog house door. They are separated into groups of who gets along with whom. I fill buckets of water for them as they head out to potty and get the wiggles out from being in their crates all night.

Then it’s off to water and feed the horses. They always seem to think it’s time to eat and let me know with a “neigh” (where’s my breakfast?). After the horses are happily munching on their hay, I head over to feed and water the chickens (I have too many!) and the rabbit.

By then enough time has passed for me to go back to the dog yard and make a pooper scooper run through the two dog yards. Duty calls!

Now that everything is situated outside, I can head back in and start on the inside duties; feed and water the little puppies (Rosie is still outside for a while and Lucy went out into the dog yard with her friends as she’s spending her day away from her pups), clean out the litter boxes and sweep the puppy room.

Then it’s time for a little puppy training with the Rosie pups. We’re doing some basic beginner clicker training with them.

Clicker training can get messy.

And we need a variety of treats in case the pup doesn’t like one thing we have a couple other flavors handy to try. πŸ˜‰

Grab some breakfast!

Rosie is ready to come back in about now. Then I start playing more of our sounds from the sound app. I run through a couple pages of those and then put on some classical music while I start weighing and de-worming all the pups. That takes a while as each pup is weighed, then put back in their pen as I go through both litters. Then I have to do math ( πŸ€”) and figure out how much each one receives. Then it’s picking up each pup again to administer their proper amount.

(Don’t worry. I did weigh them separately tooπŸ˜‰)

Then it’s back downstairs to wash dishes, dog dishes that is. (Mine are piling up in the kitchen.)

And out the back door to feed and water Cajsa and the Poodles, love on them some and pooper scoop the yard.

(They got petty up and close with the chickens while they were out there. )

I set up a little exercise pen next to the house under the big fir tree and carry Lucy’s puppies out there to enjoy the great outdoors while I sit down to work on my computer; answering emails, continuing with our puppy matching and work on a blog post.

Later, I bring the pups back in for lunch. Let Rosie out for a break and feed her pups their soaked puppy gruel.

Sit down to finish the blog post, answer calls and work on puppy matching. Then it was time to let Rosie back in and get lunch for me, answer more calls and emails with our adopters as we work out matching these puppies.

Conquered my huge pile of dirty dishes just in time to welcome my friend and her three kiddos that came over to play with puppies. So we spent the next 3 1/2 hours doing just that (plus they wanted to visit the Poodle pups, the adult dogs, and feed the horses πŸ˜‰)

Then the Poodle pups came in to play in the kitchen “playground” while I sorted through the puppy pictures and edited them.

Finally had time for some personal duties (work out, cook, etc), then it was time to for a last minute potty time for the dogs, put them all to bed and feed them dinner.

When all the animals are tucked in for the night is usually the time for me to relax a bit, but I ended up answering more emails before I popped in a movie and zoned out for the night.

Thanks for joining me on one of my doggie days!

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