Long, busy and fun

My day started out early after only about four and a half hours of sleep. *yawn

After driving a couple hours to Spokane I was able to hand over three adorable puppies to three excited families! One pair of parents didn’t tell their kids until last night that they had been matched with a puppy and were driving to get him this morning. Needless to say, the kids were a bit excited!

Farewell Breezy!

Good-bye Sunny (now Ollie)

Have a happy life, Cloudy (now Murphy).

After successfully sending the new puppy families down the road, I was off to my “almost” daughter-in-law’s house to pick up her and her roommate. Then we were off to the “Farm Chicks Fair” for some girl time.

(Got my steps in too) 😉

I really wanted to drag this chicken shed home. It was so cute!

Roomie headed off to work so DIL and I wrapped up our shopping and headed to get some lunch.

Then we finished off the afternoon hurrying from store to store (forgetting that most close at six on Sunday) looking for a dress for me for the wedding next month.

I did find one that will work (although it was too big so the store ordered a smaller size to be shipped in) and it was 50% off!

After about fifteen hours away from home, it was a long day, but fun and rewarding!

Night all😴

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