What’s up?

Some of you may have seen my comment about a “couple of round bellies” around here, and some may have missed it. So I thought it was time for a little update on what’s going on. 😀

We definitely have two pregnant moms and one “iffy”, who I think is just going through a false pregnancy. She’s a young one and this would be her first pregnancy, but she absolutely doesn’t look pregnant; except she has bagged up and actually has milk. (Their bodies will go through the same hormonal changes with a false pregnancy). So just to be safe, I’m keeping an eye on her and monitoring her temperature.

So our first girl that is due will be Flower, our pretty black and white Poodle. She was bred to Noah, our handsome tri-colored Cavalier. This breeding has the potential of producing some similar colors like we just had with Lucy and Dickens. And this will be Noah’s last litter as he will be retiring. Noah developed an infection in his..um….boy parts and unfortunately, the only way to “cure” it, is to neuter him. (And in case anyone is wondering, we already have a potential retirement home lined up for him where he will have King of Couch Potato status with someone within our Pinewood family).

And probably about a week after Flower delivers, it will be Treasure’s turn. Treasure (who is blenheim) was bred to the stunning, red Clancy! These two have not had babies together before so we don’t know what the puppies will look like. We have the potential to get blenheims, reds or red with white markings. Time will tell.

And as you know, we still have Rosie’s litter of little redheads with us. This will be their last busy week here, as they will all be heading home next weekend.

So just as one big batch of puppies heads home, more should be arriving. The fun continues!

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