I just want to share this in case someone is looking for a new leash, collar or harness for their puppy or dog. You need to check out Lupine pet products (!

They have wonderful pet products, good quality, beautiful colors and patterns, and they’re even guaranteed if your dog chews them up! What?! Yep, you read that right.

The other day I decided I needed some more collars and leashes around here. I recently set up appointments for some of my young adults to get their hearts, patellas, and eyes examined and knew I’d need some good sturdy collars and leashes for the job, especially since I will be taking six dogs at once!

So I made an order on Tuesday and the package arrived on Friday.

So, now I have a nice batch of new collars and leashes for those upcoming appointments.

And while I was at it, I ordered Hope her own pretty collar which will have her new i.d. tag one it. (Another recent order I did. My dogs don’t usually wear collars and tags when they are home because I worry about them losing them or getting hung up somehow during playtime. So I usually just put them on when we’re going out and about. But in preparation for an emergency evacuation (no, we’re not in any danger at the moment, but we do live in an area that has forest fires every year), I decided to order enough tags so each dog could have one if needed)

Isn’t it pretty?! I thought these colors went well with her pretty red hair. And the hearts just go along with her personality. 💜

So if you need a new leash, collar or harness, check Lupine out. (No, I don’t make any money for endorsing the company). 😉

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  1. ahuva hammer says:

    i recognized one of your turquoise and green Lupine leashes some time ago, we only use Lupine because of the guarentee and because they are so unique. Hope looks devine in her, i had that pattern for my female cat. Just lovely

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