Two Treasures

No, I’m not talking about two precious gemstones. I’m talking about two different versions of one dog, Treasure!

I seriously saw it with my own eyes the other day and it was crazy!

As some of you know by my comments and individual dog descriptions, Treasure is a bubbly, silly, social butterfly.

Well, when she went into labor she became an absolute basket-case! I was seriously wondering about her. She was like a hormonal, hysterical woman in labor and delivery clinging to her husband; “talking” incessantly, whining, complaining and out of control. (now, before all the ladies start bashing me, most of us women are not like the above-mentioned woman, but you gals know, there are some pregnant women that just get a little unglued during delivery.) I was starting to think she shouldn’t be a mother and would she take care of these babies? (I didn’t remember her being this way for her other litter). She was clingy and all she wanted was to crawl in my lap. (, thanks Treasure. The birthing process is too messy for that.)

Then the babies were delivered.

And then the maternal, calm, sweet, nurturing Treasure showed up. And I was relieved, to say the least.

Whew, she obviously just responds to the labor process in a bit more of a dramatic fashion than most dogs.

Thankfully, she is a wonderful mother! ❤️

I wish her litter was bigger for all those anxiously waiting for puppies, but thankfully the puppies are big, fat and healthy!

She only had two, but they came out huge, and have just continued to gain weight steadily. In fact, I’ve already given the little butterballs names.

The boy will be Hoover and the girl will be Kirby. 😉

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  1. Dianne M. says:

    Beautiful. CongrTs!

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