Break time!

Hey everyone! I just wanted you all to know I’m taking a couple weeks off from doggie business. Yep, the waiting list is closed during that time too. If you’ve already submitted an application and are in the process, that’s fine. I’m just not taking any new applications at this time.

I have to get things ready for my family that will be coming in soon, a wedding speedily approaching and we’re trying to get our hay cut, baled and in the barn between storms, so life is a bit hectic right now, to say the least!

Don’t worry, all the dogs and pups will be cared for and I will continue to share pictures and updates as I can. (Everybody’s internet in this area (not just mine, for once!) seems to be slow.) So, I’ll still be around, you just won’t hear from me as often.

And I’m here of course if you have one of our pups and have questions that come up!

Thanks! 😀


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