Not a puppy

Today I was in town to do some last minute shopping before the family starts arriving tomorrow. I needed a couple things from my favorite farm supply store so that was one of my stops. I sat in my truck in the parking lot for a while as the rain came down, then finally got out as it let up a bit and proceeded to the door.

To the left of the door was a small greenhouse/plant display and also straight against the wall just next to the entrance where some misters were going that were on display (ironic with the rain coming on and off today 😉 ) As I got closer to the door I heard a peeping noise but failed to see anything that might be making it. I shrugged it off thinking it was some nearby birds or maybe some baby chick inside the store.

I went on in, grabbed what I needed and made my purchase. But as I came back out the door, I again heard the peeping sound and my eyes went downward to the only section of asphalt that wasn’t covered with plants; the handicapped parking spot. And there, sitting in a puddle of water produced by the misters, was the teenist, tiniest little baby bird. I couldn’t believe my eyes! How in the world had someone not stepped on him?! This was the main entrance where most everyone would come in and out of the store. I immediately scooped him up and headed back into the store. Now, this was definitely not a songbird. It looked like a very, very small baby chick (I was thinking quail, maybe). And since the store sometimes carries baby birds I went to check if that was a possibility, Nope, they had none. Now what?

I went back to my truck with the little baby. The cashier had given me some shop rags which we put into the bucket I had just purchased and I placed the baby inside. I set it on the floor of my truck on the passenger side and turned the heater on to warm the little creature up.

Then dialed the nearby vet, but was informed that they didn’t do wildlife. Well, I knew my regular vet (in the next town) did so I called there. She was off today. So I sent out a short email explaining the situation and she got back to be saying, unfortunately, she had not had very good luck keeping baby quail alive. There was someone in Spokane that might be able to help though. Ugh, I just did not have time (or resources) to make the four-hour round trip there with this little fellow.

So I brought him home with me. We figured his best chance is with my momma hen who has recently hatched out two chicks. So tonight when it’s dark and quiet, I’m going to slip out to the chicken house and slip this little one under his new mom. I hope he makes and she accepts her new tiny baby. But I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t. He is so little and fragile.

P.S. I did check around the area for more peeping babies or a mom, to no avail.And it’s weird, because there isn’t even a field nearby.

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6 Responses to Not a puppy

  1. ahuva hammer says:

    lucky you, knowing how well you take care of all the other animals on your property, i am confident this little chick will thrive too and this wont be the last story to hear about it!!

  2. Annie Fanberg says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! You are amazing. How is he doing?!?!?!?


    Wow so little I wish you well in caring for the little guy

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