Dear Reba

Dear Reba,

You know who much I love you. You know you have special privileges that no other dog has around here. (I know, I won’t tell them you’re the queen). I let you sleep wherever you want to and you are rarely in a crate, except for your own choosing.

And except for right now. And you’re going to have to stay in that crate until I get my chores done and have time to give you a bath.

Reba, you know that all the kids are going to be home tonight and I have lots of cleaning, cooking and getting ready to do.

But of course, this is the morning you chose to climb the backyard fence, go exploring and find the biggest pile of turkey poop to roll in. Way to go!

And then happily came trotting in the front door when I opened it. The full force of the smell didn’t hit me for a minute or two until it had already permeated the house! Gag….

(People if your dog has never rolled in turkey poop, you can’t understand this particularly gaggy smell. It’s horrendous. I know dog’s like to roll in the nastiest things, but turkey poop is right up there at the top of disgusting smells…)

So Reba, enjoy your “time-out” while I get my work done. At least it’s out in the fresh air. Oh, but you don’t like fresh air. You like turkey poop air! 😛

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2 Responses to Dear Reba

  1. ahuva hammer says:

    good for you, glad you set boundaries even for the Queen of Reba

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