A Tribute

I cannot pass up this opportunity to write a little tribute to a special little dog that has just left us. I say “us” only because he had his start here on the farm. But he was raised and loved and belonged to my brother, sister-in-law and nephew.

Many years ago when we had our very first Cavalier, Lizzy, I had gotten my son a Min Pin for his birthday. (He turned out to be my dog in the end. Have you ever gotten your child something that you really wanted? 😉 hehe )

Bandit was a fun, active, feisty little dog! He was also very athletic and ambitious. And determined. You can probably guess the rest of the story. Little Lizzy came in season and Bandit scaled the fence and got to her. (What is it with me and fence climbing dogs?)

The resulted litter was three adorable Pinaliers, Cavapins, hmm…not sure what they should have been called, but they were precious. One went to a pet home, one became a trained service dog for a hearing impaired lady and the other was to be a gift for my then young, animal-loving (he should have been my kid!) nephew.

A friend of mine transported the eight-week old pup to my family two states away. And it was love at first sight. Although the whole family loved him, he truly became my sissy’s devoted companion.

They named him Tate after the four boy cousins in the family (Tyler, Austin, Travis and Ethan). But he was affectionately known as “Tater Tot”.

So here’s to you Tater Tot and all the joy you brought to your family <3 You were much loved and will be greatly missed!


And to all the other furry companions we have all loved and lost! <3 I’m so glad God made animals!

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4 Responses to A Tribute

  1. Janet says:

    aweee i know how hurt your heart must be I have lost pets and you never let go they live in your heart forever. xxoot

  2. Mary EDWARDS says:

    ❤ Mary, Ann, and Dosey


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