The river

The pups (Hoover and Kitty..still to be renamed if I can figure out what “fits”) and I went on a fun, local outing this weekend.

As I’ve mentioned to my puppy adopters, the first twelve weeks of a puppy’s life are the prime socialization weeks. So that is the time to get them out and about; seeing new sights, smelling new sounds, hearing new things and meeting people and other friendly, healthy animals. Do the things with your puppy when he’s little that you want to do with him when he’s big. Obviously,  we have to use common sense and good judgement on where we take him until he’s fully vaccinated (Avoid places like the park, a dog park, etc). And we want him to have good experiences as a bad experience (like Great Aunt Mable’s Chihauhua attacking puppy) can also have long-term affects. And also be aware that he’s still a puppy and not overdo the exercise on those immature, developing joints (Like to hike? Take puppy too, but pack him most of the way, with short breaks of exercise with him picking the speed).

Since we live so far from civilization (yes, we’re in the sticks!) it takes a bit more creativity and travel to get all those fun experiences that a dog living in town can get more readily. But we try!

This weekend, the pups and I went down to the river to explore. And boy, did they enjoy themselves!

092094“Wait for me!”


There were so many new sights, sounds and smells. They were all over the place checking things out.

104They both willingly went in the water several times.

109Hoover heard the Canadian Geese “honking” over by the island.

112114119I don’t know why pine cones are so much fun for puppies with their little prickly ends?

120126Yes, Hoover. You’re adorable <3

130Kitty that is not a bully stick!

135And the littlest one was the first to hop up on the log!

138They just had so much fun! I think I was ready to go home before they were (typical “kids”). 😉

Here’s a few videos from our outing 🙂

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  1. Christina says:

    Is Hoover a progressive puppy?

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