The struggle

Well, Smudgie’s delivery didn’t go as I’d hoped. Thankfully, it all ended well. But there was a period of time when we had quite a struggle on our hands! It was one of the most dramatic births I’ve ever been present at.
Her temperature never did the significant drop that we usually see before whelping starts (or it dropped between the morning and evening time when I checked it). But she started getting very whiny, needy and clingy. I set her crate up with lots of newspaper which she promptly starting tearing up and nesting in. This went on and off throughout the day. Around two in the afternoon, things got intense as she cried out when the contractions got harder.
And then there was a baby.
But this baby (and I could tell it was big) was coming breech. I could see its back feet and tail. Poor Smudgie pushed and did her best to get that baby out, but it was stuck fast.
I knew I had to help her deliver this pup and we had to do it quickly. Since it was a painful process and a first-time mom confused about what was going on, I enlisted my hubby to hold her head while I worked on the puppy. And I worked and worked.
The process of trying to pull a slippery puppy out is not easy. There’s nowhere to grab to help pull. I tried using a small towel to get a better grip. And I tried just grasping the puppy’s skin and pulling. I tried lubing mom up to help baby slip out better. That baby was stuck! Most likely the puppy’s shoulders were wide enough that it was hung up.
There was a span of time that I was seriously worried I’d lose Smudgie or the puppy, or both. It was that intense.
And since the closest vet is about an hour away, I knew it was up to me to get that puppy out into the world so we keep working.
And finally, we must’ve turned or loosen the pup’s shoulders enough that it slipped through and finally got completely out!
But my first thought was, “it’s dead”. There’s no way that pup is still alive and it sure wasn’t showing any signs of life.
But I wrapped it in a towel and start rubbing it like my life depended on it. Well, the pup’s did that’s for sure.
Rub, suction, rub, suction, gently shake it down (trying to get any fluid out), suction, pinch the skin on the neck and gently shake (this is to try to elicit a cry from the pup and get air in the lungs), but for what seemed like several minutes there didn’t seem to be any signs of life.
Then finally, the pup’s mouth opened in a gasp. The first sign of life.
So I kept at it; suction, rub, rub, rub! Another gasp. “Come on, little puppy!”
Finally, I pinched the skin on its neck again and gave a little shake and the puppy gave out its first cry.
That was the best sound ever!!
The warming and rubbing continued until the puppy was getting more lively and I felt comfortable enough to let mom take over and do her cleaning and bonding with it.
Whew! That was intense. I’m thankful that God answered prayers and brought this little one through that crazy time.
I checked mom after a bit and felt that she was done. There were no more puppies. And that was part of the issue. When a mom only has one puppy, all the nourishment goes to that one puppy which can grow quite large with all the food and room. Plus, Smudgie was a first-time mom so that probably didn’t help the process of delivering a large puppy.
I am happy to report that Smudgie is an awesome little mom and her puppy is growing by leaps and bounds! And she (yes, I said she) is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s! (Okay, I probably say that about each new puppy that comes).
It’s been a while since we had a blond (almost light apricot) colored pup❤️
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10 Responses to The struggle


    Mazel tov!

    Hope to see you in mid-november snd meet this latest miracle.

    Much love


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  2. Dianne M. says:

    Congratulations. So happy things turned out well.

  3. Andrew says:

    She is beautiful! Yay!

  4. ahuva hammer says:

    unbelievable, like Drama in Real Life, G-d answered your prayers, we are so happy mom and baby are doing well, have a wonderful Sabbath ahead and rest up, you deserve it.

  5. Olga Standidge says:

    Happy for the happy ending. That is one beautiful puppy. Very special. 🐶🐾🌹❤️

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