Something different

As most of you know we have kept back two female Cavapoos from our litters this year in hopes of adding something new in the future. The “new” being some F1b Cavapoos!

For years we have only raised F1 Cavapoos (First generation Cavapoos with parents being purebred mini Poodle bred to purebred Cavalier). We thought it would be fun to add something a little different with the F1b. The F1b will be our Cavapoo girls bred back to a purebred mini Poodle which gives you basically a puppy that is 3/4 Poodle and 1/4 Cavalier. Still the same cuteness, trainability and such with a better chance of being a non-shedder for those with severe allergies or just wanting more of that benefit.

Of course, these girls are still babies so it will be about a year and a half before the F1b puppies will be produced and offered to those on our waiting list. And of course, that will be after the girls are mature and have passed their health clearances. We do already have genetic testing complete on both since we own the parents.

Sage looked like a slate blue/gray color at birth which later (when dried and in good light) looked almost chocolatey with merling (black speckles/spots). I would consider her a sable merle parti (Parti means a dog with a white base and added color spots. Those spots can be any number of colors). She has lighten up even more now and looks more grey like her mom.

And Raven, as you can see is a tri-color Cavapoo.

Most likely we will get parti-colored puppies from both girls, but it might depend on who they are bred to.

Then there’s one more thing we are planning for the future; something the same, but a little different.

This little cutie pie is our newest addition and hopefully future producer of some larger-sized Cavapoos with more substance; for those who love the Cavapoo attributes in a bigger package.

Aurora is a sable parti, small standard Poodle which will be bred to our Cavalier boys!

The future looks bright, promising and exciting don’t you think? 🙂

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4 Responses to Something different

  1. ahuva hammer says:

    as always amazed by your dedication and planning, keep it up thanks for the update

  2. Dee says:

    I see sweet babies from those little cuties. ❤

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