Puppy Price Policy

As we’re getting ready to match our current puppies, I just want to remind everyone of the current policy. If you have been on our waiting list for over a year, have been offered a puppy from us and you have “passed” or keep passing*, when you do finally pick a puppy it will be at the current puppy price, not the price the puppies were listed at when you got on the list. *(there is an exception as stated on the puppy info page.)

https://pinewoodcavapoos.com/puppy-info/adoption-info/ (Policy listed in paragraph four under #2)

I think of it like putting a deposit down on a house, car, etc and then waiting a year or two (yes, I’ve had people on my list for years because they keep passing. And I do understand that life throws curveballs sometimes and things don’t always turn out as planned.) and expect to buy that house at the same price. It just isn’t done.

I’m dealing with increasing costs myself on a daily basis for the dogs (food, fuel, health/genetic tests, veterinary, etc) so I can’t hold puppy prices in place from years ago. I’m sure you all understand.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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2 Responses to Puppy Price Policy

  1. Katie Kennedy says:

    I just saw the recent updated waitlist. Just wondering if I’m #25 or #75. This is Katie K. Aka Katie Kennedy.
    Thanks so much!!!

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