If you’ve been following us a while, have read our website or keep up with our Facebook page, you know that we try to give each puppy a good start in life and a base for each puppy’s new family to build on.  So I try to expose them to lots of different objects, surfaces, noises, etc.

You can see here in some of these playtime pictures that Jules’ kiddos are using some of those odd obstacles, the stairs/slide (the puppies absolutely love this slide!), the garbage can lid (aka wobble board), the tunnel, the tic-tac-toe (each piece flips, but the puppies crawl across it anyways!) and the skateboard.

There are other things you’ve probably noticed in other blog posts and pictures too; we have a small, soft tunnel for when they’re just starting out, a bigger tunnel when they are older, a small double ramp (actually a cat scratching “post”), different pieces of different materials for the “idea” of different surfaces, the piano, toys that move, toys that make sounds, toys that flash lights and lots of different smaller toys and things for the puppies to play with and investigate.

These are all just part of what we do to give our puppies an interesting and varied start in life to get them used to whatever they may come in contact with later. 🙂

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