I’m full

No, I didn’t overeat at breakfast. Fact is, I haven’t had breakfast yet. But I’m still full.

My living room is full.

My hands are full.

My heart is full.❤️

Yes, babies arrived in the wee (wee) hours of the morning. Once everybody settles in well I’ll be sharing the details.

There are going to be some very happy families soon. We have a rainbow of colors between the three moms.

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2 Responses to I’m full

  1. Suejohnson04 says:

    Hi! I am on the waiting list and patiently waiting for your phone call in the future! Thank you so much for the time you take to post photos of the puppies and keeping us up to date! I love it! I’m not able to actually find the waiting list to see where my name is in line. Could you help me with that? Thank you so much, Blessings, Sue Johnson

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