Three little rascals are still here for a bit, but their training continues! Individual time is important as is play, crate, and potty training. Luckily, they are all pretty good pups (and still adorable)!

“Mom, why are it’s ears so big?”

Puppy kisses👅

“What are we doing next?”

“Can you rub my belly some more?”

“We’re having what for dinner?!”

“Why are you upside down, Auntie Hope?”

“Now I see you better.”

“I is so handsome.”

“Yep, just keep rubbing my back until I tell you to stop.”


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  1. Hay, I were looking for a dog. My name is Vittoria and I like to knowe how big are the Aussalier if you can, pleas send me a photo. Thanks you

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