Aussa-what?! Aussalier, that’s what! When you breed an Aussie aka Australian Shepherd and Cavalier) you get an Aussalier!

Several years ago (2013) we bred our first litter of Aussaliers with our then Aussie, China, and Noah our tri Cavalier. They were beautiful, smart and we got rave reviews from their new owners. We planned on having more when we were hit by several tragedies in 2014, one being losing China and my first shadow/Poodle stud, Pooh to a coyote attack. So our plans for more got put on indefinite hold until we were ready to find and add another little Aussie to the family (and then wait for her to grow up and be health and genetic tested).

Our beautiful, Oakley

Let me back up and say, when I did this breeding, I researched and looked for Aussalier breeders and found none. The only thing I found was a random classified ad for a litter someone had. I also checked the American Canine Hybrid Club which lists hundreds of hybrid breeds looking for Aussaliers and found none. From what I could tell the breed had never been “recognized” as a breed. So I took the steps with the hybrid club to get China and Noah registered with them, register the litter and have the breed actually acknowledged as a “breed”.

Tah-da! Follow the link to see the puppy pics of our first litter of Aussaliers.

The Australian Shepherd comes in three sizes; toy, mini and standard. This breed is a working, active, smart breed and probably not for the first-time dog owner. They come in some beautiful colors and are great family dogs though.

The Cavalier breed is a bit more relaxed,  sweet, not as “trainable” since they have this free-spirited kind of attitude.

And hopefully, between the two breeds, we end up with a nice, fun, lovable, trainable, beautiful dog! Just a note, both breeds do shed. The Aussie actually has a double-coat with outside guard hairs and a woolier undercoat which sheds out. The Cavalier has a longer, silky coat. So this is NOT a non-shedding breed (like the Cavapoo).

I’ve had people contacting me since our first litter hit the internet. In the beginning, I was just keeping a list of those expressing interest in an Aussalier (this was before our current website). So in fairness to those people, I needed to reach out to them and ask them to sign up for email notifications from our blog/website so everyone would get this announcement at the same time.

So without further adieu, I introduce our three gorgeous Aussalier puppies (pictured at four weeks of age).

“Ariat”~Blue merle female with blue eyes

“Levi”~Tricolor male

“Wrangler”~Tricolor male

If you are interested in an Aussalier puppy please fill out Part 1 & Part 2 of our Puppy Application forms (make sure you write you are interested in an Aussalier in the section asking what you are looking for) and submit them to me. I am only taking applications for Aussaliers at this time. 

*I will be adding information about mom and dad under the “Aussalier” heading soon!

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6 Responses to Aussaliers

  1. jblackmoore says:

    Beautiful babies Jen!! Love the colors.

  2. Susan Redmond says:

    It is puppypalooza at Pinewood! Congrats!

  3. Joell says:

    Hi do you have aussalier puppies available now? Is the mom an Aussie or cavalier?

    • No, we don’t. You’re welcome to fill out our puppy applications to get on our waiting list, or sign up for email notifications from the blog/website so you don’t miss news or information. The mom is the Aussie 🙂

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