Go, Ross, go

As you know little Ross stayed with us sometime after his littermates went home so we could do some “extras” with him while his family was busy (technically a “Progressive Puppy).

He went home last Sunday with his new, excited family, but I just wanted to share some of his adventures while he was here.

Time to head to my forever home! <3

But first, some adventures!

“That’s the biggest water dish I’ve ever seen”

“I’m coming!”

Looking ahead to more adventures!

He took to leash training like a pro! Look at that, already in the “heel” position!😲

We also visited some places in town and met many nice people. 😀

“Are those squeaky toys, mom?”

“I found the Fromm Puppy food! This is for BIG sister, Aurora.”

So many choices. Which yummy treat should we choose?

Aunt Karen is always happy to meet me in town for puppy kisses 👅🐶

Whenever I go anywhere with puppies or a puppy, I always take a litter box for potty breaks. That way puppy (Ross, in this instance) can safely be socialized and still have a safe place to potty without getting on the ground and picking up something nasty.

There are lots of fun things to see and do with your puppy and still keep him safe. ❤️

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