The secret rendezvous

One day about two months ago I let all the house dogs out to potty in the back yard. The other dogs were in their respective yards having some play/potty time too.

A bit later, I opened the back door to let them all back in and was surprised to see some activity that I wasn’t expecting; Reba was flaunting herself in front of Sundae!! Oh no, is she in season I wondered? (She had shown no signs). But when I picked her up to check it was obvious that there had already been some “activity” between them. *sigh

Miss Slut-girl had so fastidiously kept herself clean and tidy that I wasn’t even aware that she had come in season! People, this is the dog that sticks to me like glue and hangs out on the couch in the evenings with me. I should’ve seen something; but no. And now we had this potential breeding that might have happened between two Poodles that I wouldn’t have necessarily matched up. Usually, when I breed a purebred litter (whether it be Cavaliers or Poodles), I plan it out carefully between the male and female that I choose because I want to keep a puppy (or puppies) from that union.

I wrote a note in my planner and promptly forgot about the whole incident.

Until about three weeks ago when I picked Reba up, laid her on her back and was rubbing her belly. Wait, something is not “normal” here.

Thankful that we now have the ultrasound machine, I grabbed it, sat down on the floor propped Reba on her back between my legs and starting scanning.

I sent it to a breeder friend. “What do you see?” I asked. She wrote back, “Congratulations!” I told her I was hoping she was going to tell me those were “air pockets” 😜

So now we had confirmation that that secret rendezvous wasn’t just a flirt-fest!

Seriously, if you’d kept those legs together you wouldn’t be in this predicament!

This was the look I was getting last night.

And right now, well, she’s in labor as I write this!

And even though this wasn’t a planned litter, (I did genetic color coat testing on them both after the rendezvous and it looks like we might get some fun colors) I’m excited to see what we’ll get!

So if anyone is interested in a purebred mini Poodle, shoot me an email!

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  1. RosevDiTullio Moore says:

    Jennifer will you share a picture of Sundae please?

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