When each of you takes your cute little puppy (singular) home it will be fun! It will also be a lot of noise, training, cuddles, messes, and memories ❤️

If you have children at home or have raised a child you have a bit of an idea what it’s like because having a puppy is like having a four-legged, mouthy toddler!

But let me give you a new perspective. Having a whole litter of puppies underfoot and in your home for weeks at a time is even crazier! It’s not just like having a bunch of noisy, busy children at home. It’s more akin to have multiples!

Now, I’ve dealt with twins myself (my first two children). Talk about a rude awakening into motherhood! 😳 Of course, I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world. But I remember what havoc twin boys could make through the house.

Just imagine having four, five or six puppies; all the same age, same mentality (remember “like a toddler”), but we’ve multiplied the noise and the mess!

And they are like kids. Their “voices” might not be intelligible language but their high-pitched barks translate just the same….”MOM, he bit me! MOM, she took my toy! MOM, he ate some of my food! MOM, he pulled my hair! MOM, she touched me! MOM, MOM, MOM!”

I am by no means complaining, just giving you a little glimpse into my crazy world.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way! ❤️



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