Upstairs, downstairs

Hope has two crates, one for downstairs when she feels like napping or if I have to go somewhere and need to crate her (Yep, she is over two years old and I still crate her when I leave the house. That’s just the way I do things.) and one for upstairs.

The upstairs crate is for dinner and bedtime.

If I crate her in the downstairs crate at night, she sometimes starts barking later in the evening or early in the morning because she wants the “staff” to let her highness out.

So the princess is relegated to her upstairs apartment so we can all have peace and quiet. 😉

I did buy some new, cushy beds on my trip to Spokane, so the princess has comfort no matter where she is in repose.

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2 Responses to Upstairs, downstairs

  1. Darla Finney says:

    Kinda like us. Sometimes we fall asleep watching TV and other times we make it up to bed. Lovely Hope who is a wonderful momma and auntie has earned all of our praises.

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