Extra special

Puppy delivery day is always a fun and special day!

Getting a bunch of puppies all clean and fluffy, preparing their “goody” bags, and then handing them off to their very excited, new families is so exciting! And that’s what happened with the remainder of our pups (except for the two phantom Poodle boys and of course, Allie’s little Nugget.) on Sunday.

They even twisted my arm (*wink) to get in on one of them.

But what made this particular puppy delivery day “extra” special were these two ladies (Not that the others weren’t special!)

These two ladies (who got brothers, Midnight now Bodie, and Cheers now Halo) are friends of mine. Actually, we’re family. Okay, not blood related, but still family. We’ve known each other since before we were born. Okay, that didn’t make sense, did it? 😜

So Halo’s new mom and Bodie’s new mom are cousins. Halo’s human “grandma” and Bodie’s human “grandpa” were brother and sister. My dad went to school (we’re talking high school in the 50’s) with them and he and Bodie’s human grandpa were best buds! So, you see our families go way back!

And another fun tidbit to our family connection. My mom and dad met at a Christmas party (they were there on dates with other people.) But obviously, my mom made a grand impression on my dad, because he called her sometime early the next year to invite her on a “date”. The “date” was a drive to some friend’s house a couple hours away to help deliver a baby gift to his friend’s and their new baby girl. The new baby girl was none other than Bodie’s mom. ❤️

So back to puppy deliveries, since I thought only a few people were coming on Sunday for puppies (as the week went by more got matched..yippee!), I did not rent the meeting room as usual. But the first four families were still able to meet at the same time so we just took over the lobby of the Wingate instead. 😉 hehe  (I can’t say enough good things about the staff there. They are always so accommodating to me, my pups and my puppy families!)

We had a nice time go over puppy info, loving on puppies, answering questions and were just wrapping things up when my friends arrived from the airport.

We all headed outside with armloads of puppies and set them in the bed of the truck so they could use their litter box, get a drink and stretch their legs before the families headed to their respective homes.

Then it was back inside to go over puppy info with my friends, chat and just catch up. It’s been years since I’ve seen them!

We had a nice afternoon going out to lunch, visiting, playing with puppies and hanging out together. Later I took them to my kid’s house after my son got up (he works night and sleeps during the day) to see them for a bit before he had to head off to work again.

I took the girls and pups back to the hotel to get settled for the night and visit a bit more. It was hard to say good-bye not knowing when we’d see each other again. But at last, I headed out to my truck, got in and turned the key (it’s a diesel, you have to wait a minute to actually turn it on 😉 ) and noticed the clock as it came on; almost 8 pm. *sigh

I was already tired after many late nights and early mornings of crate training puppies, a late Saturday night and early Sunday morning getting ready for puppy deliveries and now looking at another two and a half hours on the road and then chores when I finally arrived. I knew from past experience that last half hour before finally getting home, I’d be fighting to stay awake.

So, for once, I called hubby to see if he could handle things at home, then called my DIL to see if I could crash on their couch for the night. And since I’m her favorite MIL (and only..hehe) she was very welcoming!

Hanging out with my grand-dog, Rousey ❤️

I was so thankful to not have to drive home that night. And as a bonus, I got to have some “girl time” with my sweet DIL and the Boxer-pup that evening, got to see my son again in the morning when he got off work, ran back over to the hotel (I forgot a dog dish) and got to see my friends for a bit longer, did a bit of shopping in Spokane (without being worn out, as I’m usually doing it after puppy deliveries and it makes for a long day), and then my youngest got ahold of me and we ended up having lunch together later in the day near his house.

The weekend was definitely extra special! ❤️

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6 Responses to Extra special

  1. Kara says:

    The joy in these pictures is palpable! So awesome! 🙂

  2. Tyler Wood says:

    Just missing your favorite son

  3. Kennedy Raine says:

    I am just wondering when the next litter is coming?

    We are antsy for a puppy!…and I just want to be up on what’s going on.

    Thanks Kennedy (#39 on the waitlist for cavapoos 😉


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