Repeat offender

Halo’s (formerly Cheers) mom has another dog at home, D.J. He is a lucky pup! His mom signed up for Bark Box for him. I’m not super familiar with the company, but apparently, when you sign up you get a monthly box full of different toys and treats for your dog (depending on the size and strength).

My friend did some “housecleaning” (don’t tell D.J.) before she came because evidently, her dog had too many toys. (Is that possible?)

Then she packed those toys in her suitcase and brought them to me for our pups! What a sweetie!

Look at all the fun toys!

And then Monday, on my way home I did a little shopping. I really shouldn’t stop at Ross just to see what they have. šŸ˜‰

Why? Well, because I found more good deals. I’ve done it again. Repeat “shopping” offender.

Now how can I get them in the house without hubby seeing them? He already thinks I have too many dog toys. šŸ˜›


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