Litter box

The puppies are about the right age to learn about the litter box. At this stage, we start by adding a *Ugodog commercial litter box system to the puppy pen. The *Ugodog is a plastic tray with two removable grates that set on top of the tray. They are easy to remove and clean at this age. Once the pups get bigger and are eliminating more, I’ll switch them to something different.

The small puppy pen (which is what most moms and litters are in at this age) is just big enough to put a large bed in one side and the *Ugodog in the other.

When puppies are old enough to toddle, they naturally want to get away from their sleeping area to relieve themselves. So they toddle off the bed to potty right onto the *Ugodog!

It’s the perfect way to get them started on litter box training.

When they are a bit older and bigger we’ll use the plastic container with wood pellets in the bottom.

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