A unique opportunityr

This doesn’t happen often but we have a unique opportunity arise, one of our older puppies that was placed last year is in need of a new home! His mom has graciously written a letter of introduction for him and sent some pictures. He is not free! And will not go to the first person who responds. His mom and I want him matched with the right situation and family for him. This is really hard for her to do. She has had a lot of life changes in the past few months (no fault of her own) which has made this situation necessary for the pup. Ideally, we’d like someone within driving distance of her home in Reno to adopt him. Although if a person was willing to fly to pick him up and take him in the cabin with them could also be an option.

He is a gorgeous, outgoing, friendly, well-socialized dog but needs a companion dog to keep him company and a family/person that is home more because of his personality. (P.S. His owner can even give you references from his doggie daycare and doggie nanny on what a great dog he is!) He is not neutered yet. He was “Bill” from our “Heartie” litter from Mercy and Sundae last October. (Anybody with one of his littermates ready to add another dog? ) <3

Here is her introduction…..

“Hello everyone! My name is Raj. I am a seven-month-old Cavapoo male. I live in Reno Nevada with my human mom. The best way to describe me is Mr. Popularity. If I was in high school I would be booted the homecoming king. My Myers-Briggs personality type would probably be the ENFP. I have been socialized from the time I came home and have been around all types of people, sounds and animals. I love going everywhere with my mom.  When I’m not with her I am either at daycare or with my nanny. I love all people and dogs, even cats. I have been potty trained to use a litter box and love to learn new tricks. When my mom first got me her work situation was one where she would be able to take me with her. Her life circumstances have changed, and I spend a lot of time at daycare. Despite playing with other dogs at daycare, going on daily walks at the park and even long hikes, I feel lonely when it’s just me and her. I love to play so much that my life would be better with a buddy. Being alone is very difficult for me. Even if my mom just takes out the trash, it stresses me out for her to be gone for even 30 seconds. at daycare, if I am the last dog, I have been known to jump the gates. I am very athletic. I would love a place with the backyard to run around. My mom loves me very much and wants what’s best for me. She has had a lot of unforeseen changes and challenges in her life over the last 6 months and it’s possible those things are affecting me as well. My dream life is with a family that spends a lot of time with me who also have other dogs and space for me to roam.”
If you are interested in being considered as his new family, please do not respond to this blog post or the Facebook page/post. If you are interested, please send me an email @ pinewoodcavapoos@gmail.com and I will put you in contact with his “mom”.
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