Just wanted to let everyone know that we have another confirmed Cavapoo pregnancy!

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, Lucy is pregnant and due (with “cow” puppies) at the end of the month. For those not familiar, we call them cow puppies because these are puppies that would be known as “parti” in the Poodle world. They have a base coat of white with spots of color. They might be black and white, sable and white, tri-color (white, black and brown), or blenheim like a Cavalier; think Holstein cow. 😉🐄

Mercy is our next mom that is confirmed pregnant and will be due around mid-June. Her last litter with Sundae produced black and tan and tri-color. (In fact, “Raj” that I just posted about is one of her pups).

We have another girl to ultrasound next week! So fingers crossed that we get a confirmation on her too! I’m so excited!

Mercy❤️Mercy ❤️

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4 Responses to Confirmed!

  1. Laura McGinnis says:

    So exciting. 🐶

  2. Merel says:

    Looking forward to pics and comments.Congrats Mercy!

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