It was time

I usually move mom and babies from their big crate to the small puppy pen when they are around three weeks of age. The big crate is more like a den and helps keep the puppies cozy and warm. And about three and a half to four weeks is when I introduce the Ugodog as the pups start ambling off their bed to potty.

As you can see Lucy’s pups don’t get to enjoy their bed very much while in the crate. (I had pulled the bed out because it was scrunched up and all the pups were on the floor of the crate.) So I decided even though it was earlier than usual, it was time to move them to the puppy pen.

Back on their cozy bed.

They look kind of lost in that big space. (No litter box yet, as they’re a bit young. But probably by the weekend, we’ll add the Ugodog litter box right next to the bed in that open space).

And now mom has more room to get away from the kids and be cooler and more comfortable.

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  1. Danielle Price says:

    I know this is probably not even a possibility but I am coming to Spokane this weekend and I was wondering if you have any available? Lending Western has Quincy and referred me to you

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