My life story

This isn’t meant as a “poor me” or searching for sympathy post, but a reality of the life I’ve chosen. 😊

We tell people that raising dogs is kind of like having a dairy, someone always has to be here to “milk the cows” (or feed and care for the dogs and puppies in our case). Thankfully, we are “homebody” type people and love our little country farm. But it does make it challenging when there are times when we need or want to go somewhere.

For instance, last Saturday we had been invited to our kids’ place in Spokane for lunch and a visit. My DIL’s parents were out visiting from Virginia and we love hanging out with them and the kids.

But I had two young litters at home (Lucy and Mercy’s) that I couldn’t leave all day long. Plus Oakley due any day. Thankfully, my sweet SIL agreed to come over for a relaxing day and spend it at our house to keep an eye on things “as long as I don’t have to deliver puppies” she said. Well, Oakley was close enough that I didn’t want to chance that happening. So I loaded up her crate and all my whelping supplies (just in case) and we went to spend the day with family. And of course, since we hauled her and everything with us, she didn’t do anything. (Murphy’s Law says that “if” I had left her home she would’ve delivered. 😉) hehe

We had a nice time and even snuck out of the house for a visit to Manito Park while Oakley rested in her crate at their house.

Then there’s the horse. Long story short, I rescued a weanling colt a few years ago from a feedlot (my friend got his mom and a couple other malnourished horses at the same time). Well, he grew up and it was time for him to start “school” and learn how to be a riding horse. So the first of May, my neighbor (and friend, who also had a young horse in need of training) hauled our two young horses to a trainer in Idaho. Along with starting our horses, the training fee also includes a riding lesson for the humans, once a week which I’m thrilled about.

He turned out pretty handsome from the scrawny picture I first saw of him.

Well, the past two weeks I’ve missed going for my lesson and to see how my horse is coming along because of the dogs. The first week it was Lucy and the second week for Mercy. We were supposed to go again today. Guess where I am, and why?

I’m home (missed the third week in a row!) because of this little stinker. Apparently, she thinks those little puppies need to “bake” a little longer.

I’ve already had a talk with her about Thursday. Cajsa and I have dog class on Thursday and this week is the final; the Canine Good Citizenship test. I can’t miss it!

And such goes my life. 😜


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