Rosie puppies update

So what have Nessie, Wally, and Thistle (now Ivy) been up to?

Well, as we wrap up this last bit of time with them before they head to their new, forever homes we’re trying to expose them and continue their learning process to give them a good foundation for their families to build on.

So what have they been doing?

Well, they’ve been playing of course. Puppies need time to be puppies and play and explore. They’ve played in the garden, they’ve played in the house and they’ve played in the back yard.

They went for their first car ride and then went to grandma’s house for a visit. They’ll be going for another ride tomorrow when they have their check-ups at the vet.

They’ve had visitors come here to see them.

We’ve continued to share different sounds for them to get accustomed too and listened to more classical music.

I’ve shown this before, but I’m very thankful for this cool sound app on my phone. I connect it to a Bluetooth speaker and go through the lists of sounds. It’s a nice way to introduce them to sounds that they might hear around their new home, but not here in the country setting.

They’ve been through our de-worming program, had their stool sample checked (it was negative) and got their first puppy vaccination.

Their having individual time away from each other, having time in a crate by themselves, learning to play unattended (which means not whining when they’re in their play area and they see a human nearby). Granted this is a process which their new parents will have to continue working on.

And we’ve done some intro to clicker training. For those puppy parents interested in continuing this, there are a couple of books I recommend.

And sooner than we think, we’ll be saying “good-bye” <3

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