The Lucy pups

Lucy’s pups turned four weeks old today. Where has the time gone?!

They had their four-week-old pictures done today and I wanted to share some observations and discoveries.

Both the blenheim girls have the reddish patches on their heads and covering each eye.

But both blenheim boys are “pirates” and have just one brown eye patch!

The two dark boys are both actually sable phantoms! As they have gotten bigger and there’s more of them to see, I noticed our “tricolor” actually has brown hairs under his black outer layer which is distinctive of a sable. A true tricolor would be jet black all the way through. The underlying brown hairs wouldn’t have been noticeable when he was first born and little which is why I’m just now seeing the difference. They are both phantoms meaning they have two tones of brown; the darker body patch colors (the white bodies with the patches would be called parti-color) then the lighter brown patches on their cheeks, eyebrows and a spot under the tail (similar to a tricolor). So technically (to include all the colors/patterns) these two would be labeled “sable phantom parti” puppies.

And if we were being really technical, I believe Willy is also a merle (or hidden merle). He has some faint darker spots on his brown patches. This is just a fun fact and not really important unless he was going to be used for breeding (then we would do color coat testing to make sure. You never breed a merle to another merle). So we could actually call him a sable merle phantom parti. Wow, that’s a mouthful just to describe a puppy’s color!

I believe that the darker pup (“Johnny”) will keep his dark colors, but I suspect our lighter “chocolate-ty” guy (“Willy”) will lighten up. His sister, Sage which we kept was a similar color and her dark patches are a pretty silvery gray now.

And if anyone is stumped by our names, since these are what we call “cow puppies” (white with colored spots like Holstein cows) we decided to go with some famous country music singers; Dolly (Parton), Kenny (Rogers), Johnny (Cash), June (Carter-Cash), Willy (Nelson) and Waylon (Jennings). Yee-haw!

Also, since these babies are a similar build to their mom (slighter build and not very heavy), I am tentatively planning to keep them just a tad bit longer to give them extra time to gain more weight and grow before they head to their forever homes.I don’t like to se(This doesn’t mean they will be small adults. It’s just what I’m seeing at this stage). So instead of heading to their new homes, they will most likely be going home on August 11th (instead of August 4th). That could change, but that’s the plan for now.

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