Revising a little

With puppies growing and moving, there is what seems like an almost constant need to shift things around.

Treasure and her little one are still very content and roomy in their big crate so they are staying put for a bit longer.

Mercy and her gang had already moved to the smaller puppy pen and are doing well there.

But it was time to move Oakley and her chunky pups to a small puppy pen. The Aussaliers are definitely different than the Cavapoos and I usually see more activity with them at a younger age. Plus, Oakley is such an outside girl, she hardly likes to be inside even with her babies here. So giving her more room when she is inside is imperative.

With both the small puppy pens occupied downstairs it was time to move Lucy and her family to a bigger area upstairs in the puppy room. They are enjoying the extra space and will be able to play upstairs now that the floor is painted and easier to clean, plus they will have playtime downstairs and out in the garden.

Did you notice that the door is closed on these pictures? If I opened it to get pictures they would all come tumbling out!😂

And now we have a big, empty crate downstairs.

But not for long! We have another litter of Cavapoos due probably this weekend! Yep, it’s feast or famine around here when it comes to having puppies.

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