Puppy pictures and videos

With so many new people and so many on our list I just wanted to share some photo information.

Each time a litter is born I will make an album for it on a page on the website. The first couple of weeks will most likely be a group photo of the litter. Once their eyes open (around 2-3 weeks) I will start posting individual pictures of each puppy in the litter with their description (name, color, ribbon color if we are using those for identification). Then each week a new picture of each puppy will be added.

Here’s how to find the albums.

For Aussalier puppies;

For Cavapoos there might be more than one litter so look for the correct parent names;

Please also visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel (“Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos”). I will be posting videos of each litter there as they grow, learn and play.

This is part of your “job” (what a horrible job..hehehe) as one of our future puppy adopters. I assume if you got on our waiting list that you are eager for a puppy and will be keeping up on each litter as they arrive here, especially if you’re up towards the top of the list and in the running for a puppy. This is helpful to me to have people watching and waiting and getting an idea of who their favorite puppies are.

Thanks for joining us on this puppy journey!

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