First bath

I usually don’t bathe puppies until right before they go to their new homes. Occasionally though, there is a need to do so before then.

As you know each week I take new puppy pictures of each litter. I normally take it (and post in the album) on the day of the week that they were born (or close to it).

Friday is Lucy’s puppies birth “day”.

But since they are enjoying their food so much and dive right in (literally they climb into the dish to eat) they looked too messy for pictures! (Imagine food “hair gel” slathered into their faces). hehe

So into the tub, they went for their very first, quick bath!

Dolly & June

Johnny & Willy

Waylon & Kenny

It’s fun to see how much the curl shows up when they get a bath.

And boy do they smell so much better (no more puppy food cologne) and now look presentable for pictures!

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  1. Claudia S Knauss says:

    So adorable, Jennifer! You make each puppy shine!

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