I have introduced Lucy’s puppies and Mercy’s puppies together. I did it slowly and keep an eye on things. They are all close in size (actually Jess and Summer weigh more than some of Lucy’s pups) but they are ten days apart in age (with Lucy’s being the older group).

Things are going well and they are having so much fun playing in the puppy play area together. They’ve had a couple of good sessions there and I’m sure will have many more before they go home.

They played so hard they ended up crashing into a big puppy pile on the floor (even though they had a bed available). 😴

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  1. Danielle Carter says:

    So cute!! I’m aways down on the waiting list so I know it’ll be awhile before I get to take a pup home, but I’m super excited for that day! Thank you for the updates and pictures you post!!!

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